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This page is graphic intense, please be patient while it loads. The pictures are worth the wait.

This is a picture of the original Boehle house on the edge of Town Lake.

This is what is left of the house and blacksmith shop today.

Sad to say time has not been kind to the home and business. But enough of it is still standing to give us a taste of the past.

This what is left of the kitchen. The roof is to the left.

The hanging tree of Quihi

I'm looking for documentation of who might have been hung from this old oak tree.

The tree is next to the Blacksmith Shop above.

This is the old Schweers Butcher Shop

Jack Benefield Dairy built in 1943

The Louis Boehle home built about 1850. Later one room was added and used as a school room and a courtroom. Sad to say today all that is left is a rubble and part of the roof.

I have a lot more pictures but need to find out who the owners were before I can put them up. Please check back later and refresh.



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