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I'm still researching the history of this old building.

Below is what I have so far.

It was originally a general store, saloon, pool hall, and a blacksmith shop. Later it was a convenience store and service station.

It's a meeting place for those who are hot and thirsty after a long days work on the farm or ranch.

Saturday, February 20, 1982 an article by staff writer Bobbi Schott was printed in the San Antonio Light. Below is the article:

"QUIHI - Most days, it's the only game in town.

Now known as the Quihi Shop, this 1920's vintage building - Bonnie and Clyde could have rushed through the doors - is better known (in name only) as Boehle's Service Station. It would make a perfect movie set.

Through the years, it has been operating mainly as a saloon, pool hall, grocery store, and service station simultaneously. And, for a time, there was a blacksmith shop located on the premises. Owner and operator of the business for 44 years was Edwin Boehle, who retired in October, 1977. But he still lives next door, with his wife Zedell. It only seems natural, since the business was so much a part of his life for so many years. (The business is now leased to Chris Heyen.)

Boehle still recalls the days when he had as many as three pool tables in use at once, attracting such local sharpshooters as Earl Boone, Harvey Renken, and Homer Laughinghouse. Although now deceased, the memory of their skills at the pool table still lives on with Boehle and his friends.

Boehle recalled, "It was in 1945, during the second war, that I added pool tables to my business. There were thousands of soldiers in the area on maneuvers before they were shipped overseas. Those pool tables were going from seven in the morning until midnight everyday.

Boehle remembers too, how the calf ropings held on the premises each Sunday would attract crowds of people from all over, even San Antonio. And he recalls with pride how his juicy barbecued mutton sold as fast as he could cook it, for 50 cents a pound.

There's no doubt in Boehle's mind that those 'were the good ole days.'

And a drive through Quihi, located about 10 miles northwest of Castroville, and a glimpse of the unique all-tin building with its old-style gas pump in front, gives one a brief feeling of having stepped back into time, to the days of the Model A and Motel T, pool games with friends, and ten-cent beer."

QUIHI 2004 - Today the business is owned and operated by Troy Hass. Zedell Boehle's son Tony Haas ran The Shop for many years and after his death, Troy took on the family tradition.



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