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The area that would come to be known as Quihi was originally settled by Lipans, Kiowa, Kickapoo and Comanche Indians. The Indians named the area 'quichi' (pronounced kee-chee) after the large brown bird with white feathers on it's tail and tips of its wings. The Mexicans called this large bird the Mexican Eagle. The German settlers changed the pronunciation and then the spelling to the name in its present form.

THE QUICHI ARE BACK IN QUIHI!!! Several pairs of the beautiful eagles have been seen soaring in the sky in and around Quihi in the last year (2005). These birds are a bit smaller than their ancestors, but we believe them to be young birds. We're working on getting pictures to put up on the website, so check back often to see if we have caught them in flight!

UPDATE: These Quichi (Mexican Eagles) were photographed in downtown Quihi Sept. 7, 2006, thanks to Cindie & Bruce Saathoff! There were 8 in the field, but these pictures were the best taken. Though they are not in flight, you can see the majesty of these birds from the way they position themselves.



(Quihi is pronounced quee hee) 

Quihi was founded in 1844 by Henri Castro on the banks of what was to be called Quihi Creek. But it was 2 years later before 10 families from Castroville headed west to settle the community.

Castro listed the following as the original settlers of Quihi:


The first public school in Medina County was opened in 1856 in Quihi.

Quihi, Texas Post Office opened in 1854 and closed in 1872.

Quihi was the first county seat of Medina County.

Two German men met under an oak tree on Quihi Creek on May 26, 1890 to organize the Quihi Schuetzen (shooting) Verein (club). Now called the Quihi Gun Club, it is one of the oldest social clubs in the country with over 1000 members. Having been built on the Quihi Creek, the club's building had been washed away 3 times before the building that stands today was built. Dances are still held every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month! Visitors from all over the world enjoy dancing on one of the best wooden dance floors ever. Check out the Quihi Gun Club page for dates and who is playing.

Quihi Bethlehem Lutheran Church was founded March 13, 1852 but not recorded until September 2, 1856. The present parish hall and educational building was built in 1927. The present church building was built in 1913 and stands as a beacon to the light of Our Lord in Quihi, Texas

Quihi is listed in the Ghost Towns of the United States. Click on the town's name to see the information there.

Today Quihi is a quiet rural farming community with a population of about 200. There is one state highway that runs through Quihi with a lot of county and private roads that branch off of it. The highway is also a back way up to Medina Lake and into San Antonio.

One of the many tree lined county roads that wind in and around Quihi.

This small community supports many businesses and more are moving into the area.
We will list them all when we are sure we have a complete listing.

Please take time to roam around in our site and through the history of this beautiful small rural community
that boasts a proud heritage for over 160 years.


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